About Us

We are Chimney Restoration Map, Inc. We are located in Lombard, IL 60148. Our phone number is (630) 202-4585.

We have been in the chimney reconstruction, repair and restoration market for 10 years now, covering 60 miles to the round. We stand out for our well-known punctuality; our complete responsibility, and our more than excellent prices.

We offer these services both commercial and residential. Chimney Restoration Map, Inc. has the capacity to take on any job, regardless of the size or the hardships to achieve our clients’ complete satisfaction. Guaranteed. 

Chimney Restoration Map, Inc. is an eco-friendly company that has the best tools and machinery on the market, also we count on a highly-trained and professional staff. For our clients’ peace of mind, Chimney Restoration Map, Inc. is a licensed and insured company, also, our estimates are free of any charge whatsoever.

For a limited time, to our customers of Chimney Repair or Installation Liner jobs over $900, as a little token of appreciation, we will award them with a $120 off coupon. 

Why Choose Us?

It is not easy to stay at the top of this tough and competitive market, covering 60 miles around for ten years in a row. We offer high-quality jobs both, commercial and residential.

As a green company, Chimney Restoration Map, Inc. has been helping our communities thrive for many years and will continue to do so because we like to do the right thing.

We are insured and licensed, our estimates are completely free, and our jobs are 100% guaranteed, regardless of the size. Without exception. Other attributes that make us even more desirable to hire are punctuality, responsibility, and prices.

If your chimney needs to be rebuilt, repaired, or restored, you need to make the right decision call Chimney Restoration Map, Inc. at (630) 202-4585. One of our trained professionals will answer any questions you may have, or if you prefer a written estimate, we will be happy to provide one free of charge.